Schrumpfschlauch- und Tamperband-Systeme

Die Schrumpfetikettiermaschinen werden hauptsächlich zum Schrumpfetikettieren von Produkten in Flaschenform, Dosenform oder Tonnenform mit Glasflaschen, Kunststoffflaschen oder Eisenflaschen verwendet. Aufgrund der Attribute wie langlebige Oberflächenstandards, hohe Tragfähigkeit, geringe Wartungskosten und robuste Konstruktion

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This machine is designed and developed by the professionals in compliance with the industry standards. Owing to the attributes such as durable finish standards, high load bearing capacity, low maintenance cost and robust construction, these machines are widely appreciated in the market.

Main application:
AGP-100 automatic filming machine is mainly used in medicine, industry, chemical industry, food and other industries.
AGP-100 Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine
AGP-100 automatic film covering machine is a fully automatic intelligent packaging line, which integrates
bottling,separating, labeling, shrinking and other functions. Real high speed, precise positioning, reduced manpower and perfect packaging are the spirit of the equipment design. Beautiful, easy to clean and maintain.
*The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy with anode treatment and 304 stainless steel material to support the host and fix the conveyor belt.
*This set of equipment adopts advanced technology, adopts large-screen touch screen PLC program controller or relay control, the packaging process is controlled accurately, the whole machine runs stably, and the performance is reliable.
In order to enable the operator and the machine itself to function more safely and effectively, the machine adopts
advancedtechnology to set up a number of automatic protection measures to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

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Model AGP-100M
Bottle Diameter 30mm~100mm
Label size 30mm~180mm
Label Thickness 0.035mm~0.13mm
Output2 100 bottle/min
Label reel Inner diameter 76mm
Power 3KW
Voltage 380V/220V 50Hz 60Hz


  • It can be operated independently or as part of your existing production line.
  • Adjustable feeding sensor, precision lock up sleeve.
  • Whole machine malfunction automatically detect, timely find out equipment failure reasons
  • The advanced operating system, colorful touch screen is more human being
  • Servo motor and high-delicacy photo-electricity make the cutting label precise
  • High-normal electric, the feeding cutter co-ordinates flawlessly thereby allow smooth feeding.



The speed is very fast and the packaging of things is also very standard

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