Bottling Line

The bottling line is a series of machines that automatically fill large quantities of food, medicines into bottles, and label them on finished products, including sealing machines, counting machines, labeling machines, capping machines and series of other equipment. You can freely match different types of equipment according to your demands. Fully automated line production can significantly increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Bottling Line - Filling Capping Labeling Machines

This wide offer comprises highly flexible and high-performance tablet/capsule counting line, specifically designed to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical field.

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High Speed Automatic Cartoning Machine HTZ-85

The prodcut is suitable for cartoning packaging of aluminum-plastic medicine plates, bottles, oral liquids, aluminum/plastic tubes, facial mask and other similar objects in such industries as electronics and daily commodities.

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Tri-Dimensional Overwrapping Machine BT-2000B

An overwrapping machine takes a length of heat sealable film from a roll and folds it around a product. This product can be a single item or a bundle. The folded film is closed by means of heated sealing devices.

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