Kapsel- und Tabletteninspektionsmaschine

Diese Inspektionsmaschine wurde für die Inspektion von Kapseln oder Tabletten entwickelt und verwendet, die fleckig, gebrochen oder nicht standardmäßig sind, indem die Kapsel mechanisch um 360 Grad gedreht oder die Tablette von einer Oberfläche zur anderen Oberfläche gedreht wird.

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This inspection machine is designed and used for inspecting capsule or tablet which is spotty, broken or not standard by vision through mechanically rotating the capsule over 360 degrees or turning the tablet from one surface to the other surface.


Model KPS-220B
Application Pill, Capsules, tablets, soft capsules
Size of Products The min thickness of the tablets shall be 3 mm. The max dia of tablets shall be 25mm
Capping Speed 120,000 capsules per hour, or 50kg tablets per hour
The volume of Hopper 30L or 60L
Voltage 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Power 0.6kw
Dimension 1400 x 650 x 1250 mm
Gross Weight 125 kg



  • An adjustable mirror and lighting fixture enables the operator to inspect the opposite sides of the products without hidden corners.
  • The rotation and inspection speed of the capsule is infinitely adjustable.
  • Defective products can be eliminated by the operator with a flexible handheld vacuum nozzle.
  • Easy to operate, easy to clean, no cross-contamination risk.



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