HD-100 Kapsel / Tablet-Zählmaschine

Diese Maschine eignet sich für Pharmazeutika, Krankenhäuser, Lebensmittelindustrie, Tabletten, Granulat-Medikamente oder Lebensmittelzählung, Flaschen- und Absacken. Die Maschine hat die Vorteile eines kleinen Volumens, eines geringen Gewichts, eines geringen Geräuschpegels, einer genauen Zählung, einer bequemen Bedienung und einer einfachen Wartung.

$999.00 USD $1,399.00
* Power Supply:


  • The machine adopts electromagnet for vibration, which is stable and reliable.
  • Unique design, and it is easy for the operator to check the counting accuracy.
  • Small in size, light in weight, and is easy to operate. It is applicable to pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries.
  • It is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospitals, food industry, tablets, granule drugs or food counting, bottle and bagging.The counting mold can be changed based on different materials.
  • medicine contact parts adopt stainless steel as raw material to ensure the packaging goods conform to GMP requirements.


Application Pill, Capsules, tablets, soft capsules and items of regular shape
Dia. of Counting Slide 400mm
Holes 5-100 (Optional)
For size 00 capsules, 100 pcs per time, size 0 capsules, 120 pcs per time, and size 1 capsules, 150 pcs per time.
For tablets of 6 mm, 150 pcs per time, and for tablets of 8 mm, 100 pcs per time. And the thickness of the tablets shall be 3-20 mm.
Capacity 12-26 vials (bags)/min
Capsule/Tablet size As requested
Power 150W
Voltage 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz (single-phase )
Weight 48kg
Dimensions 600x500x700mm


1.Hopper2.Counting mold3.Discharging switch4.Main switch
5.Speed controller 6.Counting mold controller 7.Vibration regulator 8.Wave band


easy to use

This counting machine is much easier to use than manual counter. It saves a lot of time for me..

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Bitte senden sie mir broshüre und ein video vom dieses gerät.
Danke und Viele Grüsse
Hoffmann La Roche
4303 Kaiseraugst

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