SH Typ Pulvermischer Pulvermischer 10 - 50L

Der Mischer der SH-Serie wird häufig in der Pharmazie, der chemischen Industrie, der Lebensmittelindustrie, der wissenschaftlichen Forschung usw. eingesetzt.

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The SH series are new type mixer machines widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuffs industries and scientific research units. They are suitable for mixing powder or granular materials with good flowing properties.

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The SH series mixer is widely used in pharmacy, chemical industry, food industry, scientific research, etc. It is suitable for mixing dry-powder or granular materials with good flowing properties.
As the mixing vat is able to make multidirectional motion, it makes raw materials inside the vat has many cross-mixing points, therefore the mixing effect is better. Its degree of uniformity can achieve above 99.9%.
The max. loading efficiency can be 0.9 ( The loading efficiency of ordinary mixer is 0.4-0.6). The mixing time is short and efficiency is high. The material are mixed in an enclosed state with no contamination to the working environment and materials.


1. As the mixing vat is multidirectional, there are more mixing points involved. The mixing homogeneity is much higher than that of a general mixer and drug homogeneity error is lower than that of general mixers. The max charging volume of the SH series three dimensional motion mixer is one time higher than that of general mixer (max charging volume of a general mixer is 40% of full barrel volume).
2. It has a unique mixing vat design, the inner walls of which are fine polished. There is no dead angle, no contamination and the materials are discharged automatically under gravity function without any residue.
3. The materials are mixed in a completely sealed vat.


ModelVat volume(L)Max. Filling volume(L)Best Filling volume(L)Rotational speed(r/min)Power (kw)Weight (kg)
SH-10 10 8 5 0-15 0.75 100
SH-20 20 16 10 0-15 0.75 120
SH-30 30 24 15 0-15 0.75 150
SH-50 50 40 25 0-15 1.1 300


  • It will be better to install the machine under the guidance of a trained staff.
  • The lubricant oil should be changed every three months.


this 3d mixer is perfect

I have used many mix machine. due to the special nature of my products, machine can't work very well. this 3d mixer perfectly solves my problem, the powder is perfect. the only drawback is that the capacity is a bit small.

From: Gast | Datum: 27.08.2019 20:49

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