CFG-5 Multifunktionaler Siede-Trocknungs-Granulator

Die Granulatoren der SF-Serie wurden entwickelt, um trockene, rieselfähige Materialien bis zu einer Maschenweite von 120 mit einer sehr engen Partikelgrößenverteilung zu mahlen.

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This equipment consists mainly of the main cabinet, the air inlet treatment system, the hopper dispersion chamber, the filter supplement collection chamber, the pulse dust removal mechanism, and the human-machine interface PLC control mechanism. Depending on the customer's process requirements, optional devices such as top spray, bottom spray, and side spray can be selected. All devices are designed for easy installation, requiring only the replacement of the corresponding supporting equipment to meet different process requirements.

Working Principles

This equipment excels in drying functionality. During the drying process, the material to be dried in the hopper is suspended in the airflow under the action of the induced draft fan. The particles come into complete contact with the hot air, achieving optimal heat exchange. This ensures uniform heating of the particles and the evaporation of excess moisture, resulting in effective drying. The drying speed can be adjusted by setting the inlet temperature and controlling the airflow rate according to the characteristics of the materials used in the formulation. The entire process ensures stable drying of the material, avoiding issues such as uneven heating and extended drying times, which can lead to color variations and performance differences in the final product.


Model          CFG-5
Production capacityTop spray granulation drying 0.5-5kg/time
Fan flow rate 450m³/h
Power voltage 220V
Fan power 4.0kw
Electric heating power 6.5kw
Compressed air Pressure 0.4-0.7Mpa
Consumption 0.3m³/min
Heating temperature Room temp-110 PID temp control
Material recovery rate ≥99%
Moisture content after drying ≤5%
Dimensions 1200×1120×1930
Total machine weight ≈600


  • Regularly clean the internal and external surfaces of the fan, as well as the air passages of the cooling fan. Remove surface dust. Accumulated dust can affect heat dissipation, leading to increased temperature, reduced airflow, imbalance of fan blades, increased vibrations, and potential malfunctions. Periodically inspect and replace fan bearings, seals, muffler sponges, and filters.
  • Regularly inspect the rotating components of the equipment, add or replace lubricating oil to prevent damage caused by insufficient lubrication.
  • Regularly replace the filter cartridges of the air treatment system to prevent excessive dust accumulation, mold growth, and bacteria that can affect airflow.
  • Regularly inspect the compressed air conditioning unit and add 5# or 7# lubricating oil to the oil cup. Drain accumulated water from the filter water separator in a timely manner.
  • Clean the granulation components, such as collection bags/filters, diversion cones, atomizing nozzles, splitter screens, and sampling devices. After cleaning, dry them thoroughly or store them for backup.
  • If the equipment is not used for an extended period, apply rust preventive oil to the surfaces of its main components. Every two weeks, power up the equipment and run it without load for at least 100 hours. This helps prevent aging of moving seals and moisture damage to electrical components due to insufficient power supply.

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