Schneckenpulver-Füllmaschine Pulver Wieg-Füllmaschine HZF-B

Die Maschine verwendet den Spiralschnitt, um hochpräzise automatische Mengen- und Füllvorgänge zu erreichen.

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The machine uses the spiral cutting, to achieve high-precision automatic quantitative and filling.

Applicable to fertilizer, additives, flour, milk powder, detergent, solid drinks, sugar, monosodium glutamate, compound spices (such as spicy fresh),Natural spices, seeds, enzymes, feed and other powder (powder, superfine powder), granular materials, quantitative packaging, quantitative canned.


Model HZF-B
Max Capacity 10-30 bottle/min
Dia. Of Bottle φ20-150mm
Height of Bottle 60-300mm
Power 0.8KW
Voltage AC220V,50/60HZ
Dimensions 900x900x2000mm
Weight 280kg


The powder packaging machine automatically quantifies, automatically fills, automatically adjusts the measurement error and other functions.

Fast - using spiral feeding, light control technology.

High precision - using stepper motor and electronic weighing technology.

Wide packaging range - can be adjusted and replaced by the electronic scale keyboard to feed spirals of different specifications, continuous and adjustable.

A wide range of applications - a certain amount of fluid powder, granular materials can be. suitable for bag, cans, bottles and other packaging containers powder packaging.

Can automatically carry out tracking correction - due to material weight and material level changes caused by errors.


Setting of various parameters

Press the setting 1 to place the empty bag on the electronic scale and press to confirm (take the tare, no need to enter any number).

Press the setting 2 to enter the package weight and confirm (set weight: weight is generally net weight tare) Note: This value is four digits, such as 50 grams, it should be "0050", 100 grams, it should be "0100".

Calibration scale: (This operation is generally not used. When the value displayed by the electronic scale is inaccurate, the calibration scale is required.) Press 4 to input the weight of the weight and place the weight on the electronic scale and press to confirm. note:

  • This value is four digits, such as 50 grams, it should be "0050", 500 grams, it should be "0500".
  • After entering the standard weight value, the weight can be placed on the scale when the weight window displays “====”.
  • Must ensure the accuracy of the value to be calibrated.

When the status window displays nn (indicating that the electronic scale does not feed back), press the number 5 status port to display Hn (electronic scale feedback), and vice versa. (This function is to set the system's automatic weight adjustment function to automatically adjust the number of pulses in setting 7. Every time you press 5, the system converts between nn and Hn).

Press 5 to input the running time of the automatic feeding system motor (this parameter can replace the traditional material level sensing switch. When the material level switch can not be used normally, this parameter controls the operation of the motor).

Press the setting 6 to input the number of feeding bags and press to confirm (this parameter is the starting parameter of the motor of the automatic feeding system, generally 0010).

Press the setting 7 input motor to run the number of pulses to confirm, the larger the number, the more feeding. (number of turns of the motor).

Press the setting 8 input motor to run at a frequency of 03000-06000, then press to confirm. (The higher the number, the faster the material is, but the smaller the power of the motor is).

According to the setting 9 input scale, the scale value 1 indicates 0.1g, 2 indicates 0.2g, 3 indicates 0.5g, 4 indicates 1g, and 5 indicates 2g (this parameter is the minimum display value of the electronic scale).

Press the setting 0 input motor speed up time is generally 35-55 (the smaller the number, the faster the material is cut, but the power of the motor is smaller).

Data memory settings

This operation is not required under normal circumstances. When both windows display "8888 8888" and the alarm does not stop, the following operations are required. (Note: The following operations are valid only when CK3 is in the short-circuit state, and are short-circuited at the factory) Press the Restart Set button. When the left window displays “CSZ”, do the following:

  • Press the number 1, enter "15" and press to confirm.
  • press the number 4, see the setting 4 operation.
  • Press the number 8, set the frequency, see setting 8.
  • Press the number 0 to set the frequency band. See setting 0 operation.


Correct understanding of the working principle of the machine and reasonable selection of the use method will greatly help to improve work efficiency and improve measurement accuracy:

Only perform the operation of setting 1 and setting 2. The left state window is Hn by pressing the number 5 key, and the pulse is automatically calculated by the system. It may take several corrections.

Set the left window to nn by pressing the number 5 key, and then set the different number of turns by 7: for example, to pack 100 grams, first set 7, then enter 1000, if is 30 grams, pass the calculation To pack 100 grams, the number of turns is (1000/30)*100=3333, then enter the value by setting 7, and modify the value if there is any error. This operation is usually used under the following conditions:

  • Electronic scale has been bad.
  • Small doses such as 10 grams or less.
  • The specific gravity of the material changes relatively.

Combine the first two usages: first set 1, set 2, set the left window to nn, then find the setting 7 by the second method, and then put the system in Hn.

Common problem

The electronic scale says that the weight of the item does not match the actual weight.

Please recalibrate the electronic scale, setting +4 in Setting of various parameters. note:

  • To ensure the accuracy of the calibration weight used.
  • Try to use large weight calibration.

The weight window only shows 0, and nothing is placed in any item.

Socket connected to the electronic scale, is the plug loose?

Recalibration(Be sure to ensure the order of calibration: after entering the calibration weight value, wait until the window displays “====”, then place the weight on the weighing platform and press the enter key).

Feedback sensor problem of the electronic scale, need to be replaced (recalibration after replacement).

4ICI chip 7710 has a problem.

The weight window shows 0 or very small, and the weighing platform appears with a little force to appear CHAO


Sensor problem, need to be replaced (re-calibration after replacement).

The weight window is unstable, cannot be zeroed and has a large difference

Note: If the change between positive and negative one graduation value is normal.

The electronic scale is disturbed by the airflow, please keep away from the airflow source.

Weighing pans have items encountered.

Sensor or bracket is not fixed, open the scale and check.


So far, it works fine.

I have been using this auger powder filling machine for 3 months, it  makes my work easier, very useful one. And thanks for the capsulcn's help to figure some problems out. This machine is perfect for packaging detergent, milk powder.

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