PY-120B Intelligente Blister-Entblistermaschine

Die intelligente Blister-Abziehmaschine PY-120B ist ein effizientes Gerät zum Recycling von Kapseln oder Tabletten in zu überprüfenden Blisterpackungen. Die Ausrüstung kann in der Vorbereitungswerkstatt von Pharmaunternehmen eingesetzt werden, um verschiedene Spezifikationen von Kapseln und Tabletten von Aluminium-Kunststoff-, Aluminium-Kunststoff-Aluminium- und Aluminium-Aluminium-Blisterfolien zu trennen.

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PY-120B Intelligent Blister Peeling-off Machine is an efficient equipment for recycling capsules or tablets in blisters to be checked. The equipment can be applied in pharmaceutical companies’ preparation workshop to separate various specifications of capsules and tablets from aluminum-plastic, aluminum-plastic-aluminum, and aluminum-aluminum blister sheets.
PY-120B is an automatic high-speed blister peeling-off machine which can recycle the capsules or tablets in the defective aluminum-plastic blister sheets. It can separate all the capsules or tablets from the defective blister sheets. With the help of the guide plate and tablet blocking rubber plate, the capsules or tablets and the blister sheets can be collected separately.


Model PY-120B 
Production capacity 90~120 sheet/minute
Specification 45mm * 145mm (Adjustable stroke)
Control panel Touch screen PLC
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Compressed air 0.4 MPa
Working noise (average) 50 dB
Motor power 160W
Machine size 470*1400*770 (mm)
Machine weight 70 kg
Stainless steel frame (306/316L optional)
Material level sensor detection
Capsule/Tablet counting, total output counting
Aluminum foil rejection function
Faulty capsule elimination function
Capsule/Tablet collecting container
Waste blister collecting container


  • It is intelligently controlled by PLC and detected by material level sensor. As it is monitored by photoelectric counter, after setting the number of tablets and blister sheets, the machine will automatically calculate the production capacity.
  • It can automatically remove waste aluminum foil and waste capsules (patent protection), and ensure the quality of the capsules and tablets that are removed.
  • It accords with the process quality standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition, and the system itself conforms to the latest version of GMP.
  • It reduces labor, makes the whole recycling process more standardized and simplified, and greatly improves the production efficiency.

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