WF Automatische kontinuierliche Mühle Herb Grinder

Die Granulatoren der WF-Serie wurden entwickelt, um trockene, rieselfähige Materialien bis zu einer Maschenweite von 120 mit einer sehr engen Partikelgrößenverteilung zu mahlen.

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WF Serie Fine Grinders are designed to grind dry, free-flowing material with very tight distribution of particle size. The highly efficient design allows for ease of access to all internals and is well suited for heat sensitive materials such as resins and sugar.
The feed material is metered into the center of the mill, where it is impacted by the rotor. The feed material is then thrown outward where it impacts with other particles aiding in the reduction process. After initial impact, particles are projected across the screen and are sheared between the blades of the rotor and the sizing screen or jaws. This action continues until the particles are properly sized and are discharged through the bottom of the mill.


1. All kinds of food contain sesame seeds, walnuts, rice, black rice, soybean, mung bean, peanut, lotus seed, corn,
sorghum,barley, buckwheat, oats, etc.
2. All kinds of dried herbs containing almonds, poria cocos, red jujube, Gordon euryale seed, medlar, yi, hawthorn, HuaiShan(Dioscorea opposita Thunb), radix polygoni multiflori, red bean, frankincense, dodder, angelica, Codonopsis, astragalus,nutmeg, ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, desertliving cistanche, aloe, fructus momordicae, radish seed, reed root, cinnamon,tripterygium wilfordii, fructus arctii, forsythia, blue flower ginseng, two needles, etc.
3. All kinds of chemical raw materials including coal, gypsum, salt, acid.
4 .A variety of spices, pepper, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, star anise, cinnamon, huai xiang, etc


Model WF130 WF180 WF250 WF320 WF40B
Rotary Speed 7000r/min 4000r/min 3800r/min 3800r/min 3400r/min
Screen aperture 0.4mm-3.0mm 0.4mm-3.0mm 0.4mm-3.0mm 0.4mm-3.0mm 0.4mm-3.0mm
Capacity 2—5kg/h 10~20kg/h 50~250kg/h 80~300kg/h 160~800kg/h
Material Size 5*5*5mm 8*8*8mm 10*10*10mm 10*10*10mm 12*12*12mm
Power 1.1kw 2.2kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
Dimensions 420*350*880mm 420*600*1000mm 860*500*1360mm 880*520*1450mm 800*900*1400mm


  • Final product size 0.4mm-3.0mm
  • Replaceable grinding blades
  • Sanitary construction available
  • Precise control of finished particle size and distribution



The powder is very small and the grinding speed is fast. I hope it can be more durable

From: sevide | Datum: 01.03.2021 01:43

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