Halbautomatische Kunststoffrohrfüll-Verschließmaschine NF-10

Die Kunststoff- und Tubenfüll-Verschließmaschine NF-10 wird hauptsächlich im Übertragungsprinzip eingesetzt. Der Antrieb des Teilungsmechanismus mit einer Halterung des Drehtisches wird als intermittierende Bewegung, vollständige Innen- und Außenheizung, automatisches Füllen und Versiegeln, Druck, Trimmen, Ausgang des fertigen Produkts und eine Reihe von Funktionen verwendet. 0

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CNF-30A Plastic tube filling and sealing machine adopts indexing device, completing a series of functions, including automatic filling, inside and outside heating, end-sealing, batch number printing, and finished product exiting. The machine is featured by accurate filling, stable and adjustable heating time, good sealing effect. The machine has ten tubes which can work automatically. The machine works stably and reliably, without noise and other pollution.


power supply ~220V±10%
Power 350W×2;250W×2
Filling capacity(ml) 0~250 (ml)
Production capacity 0-20 pcs/min
Measure accuracy ±1%
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)  1200X800X1450 (mm)
Weight 350kg
Air source(MPa) >0.4MPa


  • The material in contact with the material is 316L stainless steel;
  • The connections of each component are quick-assembly, making it easy to disassemble and clean;
  • Use high-quality pneumatic components.
  • Add an air blowing device at the tail cutting place to prevent the cut tail material from accumulating on the workbench.

Machine transmission principle

The machine is driven by a motor as the main power, goes through a worm gear reducer and performs variable frequency speed regulation. Through a set of sheaves, the gears run intermittently, so that the 10 fixtures mounted on the turntable are equiangularly moved. (Isometric movement: the stroke of each fixture is the same when it runs to the next position) After the tube is manually loaded, filling process resumes. The whole filling system is driven by cylinders and is equipped with a metering adjustment screw, which can be adjusted within a certain range, and the accuracy can reach ±1%. In order to prevent the material from dripping, the filling nozzle of the machine is in the form of insertion, and the advance and retreat movement is driven by the lifting cylinder.

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