Halbautomatische Etikettiermaschine mit Coder T30114

Es gehört in eine Halbetikettiermaschine, nimmt ein Inhalationsetikett an und haftet dann für alle Arten von ebenen Produktoberflächen.

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The PBTB-160 self-adhesive labeling machine transports the loaded containers through the conveyor belt, and divides them into equal distances through the bottle dividing mechanism into the photoelectric detection area. Through photoelectric detection control, the printing mechanism and the roll labeling mechanism automatically It is a fully automatic packaging equipment that performs coding and automatic label feeding, and automatically peels off the roll label paper accurately and flatly on the container according to the required position, and then automatically outputs it after the labeling tape is flattened.
This machine is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national GMP standards and process requirements. Its design and manufacturing principle is to provide excellent, reliable, simple structure, electromechanical integration labeling equipment at the highest operating efficiency. This machine is equipped with automatic marking paper coding and many other safety protection devices. As long as the machine is properly adjusted, it can adapt to the labeling of bottles and containers of different specifications.


Max. Capacity 120 Bottles/Min
Size of Container 50-500ML
Size of Label Length 25-200mm Width 25-90mm
Voltage AC220V/50HZ
Power 2000W
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 2000×1150×1650(mm)
Weight 300KG

Label specification

  • Label Backing Paper adopts transparent backing paper.
  • The label Upper sheet thickness ≥25×10-6m(25m)
  • Label roll Outer Dia .<350; Label Roll Inner Dia.: 76+0.5
Back Paper Width: ALabel Width: B
<95mm 20-90mm


  • Before starting the machine, check whether there are sundries on the conveyer belt, like spanner, screw and so on.
  • Check and make sure the power supply and air supply are normal, the electric wire and the air pipe aren’t broken.
  • Release the condensate water on the pressure regulating valve.
  • Maintain the roller assembly of the label feeder, replace the friction plate, add some grease on the synchronous belt bearing, and clean the inside of the label feeder with compressed air every two months.
  • Clean the sensor monthly.
  • Clean the filter core of pressure regulating valve with water monthly.
  • Maintain the conveyer belt, drive gear and guide-rail every month. Clean the greasy dirt and add new grease.

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