Halbautomatische Etikettiermaschine mit Coder T30114

Es gehört in eine Halbetikettiermaschine, nimmt ein Inhalationsetikett an und haftet dann für alle Arten von ebenen Produktoberflächen.

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The T-41311 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine can also be equipped with a ribbon coder and an inkjet printer to achieve labeling and print production batch numbers and other information at the same time, improving production efficiency. The applicable labels for our products include self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc., which can meet the labeling needs of different industries.
It is suitable for products that require labels to be attached to circumferential and conical surfaces, and is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries. For example, our products can be used in application examples such as oral liquid round bottle labeling, vial labeling, xylitol labeling, shampoo bottle labeling, and small taper cosmetic bottle labeling.
Our labeling machines can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, making them the best choice for your business.


Labeling accuracy ±0.5mm (excluding product and label errors)
Labeling speed 10~30 pieces/minute (theoretical value, related to product, label size and operation level)
Applicable product size (mm) Φ15≤diameter≤Φ150
Applicable label size (mm) 10≤width≤180
Overall machine size (mm) 920*420*500
Applicable power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Machine weight (KG) 35


  • After the label is wound, switch to the manual state. Please confirm that the power is on and the speed regulator is on. Then press the "jog" switch and let the traction pull the bottom paper forward about 0.5 meters. The purpose is to make the bottom paper Free to correct.
  •  After the bottom paper is automatically corrected, we can adjust the limit rings on all rollers and move the limit rings to both sides of the bottom paper. When replacing the label in the future, just place the label directly inside the limit ring. When replacing labels with different widths, generally only the limit ring on the right side is moved, and the other side is used as the reference surface. It is generally recommended not to move it.


1.Coding machine 2.Roller 3.Material rack 4.Marking electric eye holder
5.Speed regulator 6.Label covering wheel 7.Pressing mechanism 8.Stripping plate
9.Traction mechanism 10.Bottle holding device 11.Emergency stop switch 12.Touch screen
15. Speed regulator switch 16. Power interface 17. Power switch  

1.Typing silicone 2.Pressing wheel 3.Silicone component
4.Belt feed adjustment plate 5.Tape take-up device 6.Tape release device
7.Belt tension adjustment bolt 8.Motor 9.Belt guide connecting rod
10. Driving wheel 11. Pressure adjusting lever 12. Carbon belt
13. Printing base 14. Character slot 15. Installation plate

1.Power switch 2.Print switch 3.Test switch
4.Heating indicator light 5.Temperature adjustment knob 6.Constant temperature indicator light



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