GD150Q Gummy Candy Production Line

The gummy candy line was specially innovated by our R&D department according to the market, which can produce gummy with multiple shapes and variety colors on base of advanced technology process.

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Cooking system——Depositing machine——Cooling tunnel——Molds

1.Cooking system

(1) Dissolving tank with electricity

The device is electrically heated. The vertical jacketed tank has side stirring to prevent the materials from sinking to the bottom. Temperatures can reach 150°C. This production line is mainly used for sufficient dissolution of raw materials. 

(2) Cooling tank with electricity

The equipment is electrically heated. 

(3) Storage tank with electricity

The device is electrically heated. The storage tank has side stirring to prevent the materials from sinking to the bottom. The temperature of the storage tank can reach 150°C.

2.Depositing machine

The depositing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is healthy and safe. The operation is simple and convenient.

Our chain is stainless steel with surface hardening treatment, easy clean and run smooth.

High accuracy fabrication technology for deposit piston and copper sleeves makes the consistency of candy weight. 

The equipment has functions such as oil spray, brush, and air blowing, which helps to better release the candy from the mold.


3.Cooling tunnel

The device is air-cooled and comes with a brush and air blowing function to aid in mold release.

The defrosting and dehumidification settings can be set according to the needs. If the temperature needs to be controlled below 15 degrees Celsius, the demoulding will be smoother. Open the conveyor belt in advance before making candy.

Mould (shape can be customized)

Placed candy molds on a conveyor belt for depositing.

Main Application

Candy shape can be customized.


Production capacity 150kg/h
Air pressure 0.5-0.7mpa
Air volume 0.8m³
Power supply 220V 3PH 60Hz
Total power 102KW (Cooking system: 61 KW; Depositing system and cooling system: 41 KW)
Dimensions Cooking system: 4300*1850*1800 Forming system: 11060*1800*2550
Weight about 6800kg

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