Automatische Tropfflaschen-Abfüll- und Verschließmaschine CHS-50

Die Maschine führt automatisches Befüllen, automatisches Verschließen und automatisches Schraubverschließen durch. Es ist mit einer SPS-Steuerung ausgestattet, die Funktionen wie „Keine Flasche, kein Befüllen“ und „Kein Deckel, kein Verschließen“ sowie kontinuierliches Anhalten und Aussortieren fehlerhafter Produkte aufgrund fehlender Deckel ermöglicht.

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The disc positioning filling and screwing capping machine is suitable for various specifications of filling. It adopts linear 8 head filling, vibrating disc feeding and pressing cap, disc positioning and cap screwing with compact and reasonable structure. The filling structure adopts rod driven piston pump, and the transmission parts are made of high quality steel, which can be easily linked with other equipment to form a line. The machine is equipped with a protective cover consisting of PC board and 304# stainless steel frame.


Model CGS-8
Production capacity 60-70 bottles/min
Air pressure 0.5~0.8MPa
Air flow 10-18 m³/h
Power supply 380V, 50Hz
Total power 3kW
Weight about 1050kg
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 3000*1950*2300

Main Part

 1. conveyor belt 2. main rotary table 3. metering pump group 4. filling needles and bottle blocking cylinder 5. cap sorting and hanging structure 6. cap screwing structure 7. touching screen


  • Proper maintenance and care can better the performance of the machine and extend the life of the machine, so the equipment must be regularly maintained and inspected.
  • When the equipment is working, maintain it once every three months. Add mechanical oil (N68) to the reciprocating parts of bearings and gear transmission parts, such as reciprocating shafts, lifting shafts, rotating parts, and running swing parts (where there are oil holes or oil cups) twice a day. Add grease to the cam grooves once half a month, and once a month at the oil nozzle. The cam protractor and speed reducer need to be changed once a year.
  • When cleaning the molds, parts, and the surface of the equipment, do not scrape or strike with metal tools, so as not to damage the parts. Do not rinse with water.
  • If the equipment is out of use for a long time, grease lubrication should be added to each transmission part and bearing part, and waterproof.
  • The dust inside the machine should be cleared regularly, and all screws and fastenings should be checked for looseness and displacement, and then fasten them. Regularly check and tighten the screws of each terminal. Regularly check whether there is any slack in the lead-out line (which has been tightened) of the distribution box. If it is too slack and sagging, it should be re-tightened to make it stable, so as to avoid friction with the parts, damage the insulating skin, and cause leakage. Frequently check vulnerable parts, find damage, and replace them in time.

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