Automatische Tropfflaschen-Abfüll- und Verschließmaschine CHS-50

Die Maschine führt automatisches Befüllen, automatisches Verschließen und automatisches Schraubverschließen durch. Es ist mit einer SPS-Steuerung ausgestattet, die Funktionen wie „Keine Flasche, kein Befüllen“ und „Kein Deckel, kein Verschließen“ sowie kontinuierliches Anhalten und Aussortieren fehlerhafter Produkte aufgrund fehlender Deckel ermöglicht.

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This type of Dropper Bottle Filling& Cap Screwing Machine is suitable for filling bottles with various moderate doese. It has two kinds of filling——linear four-head piston pump filling and double-head peristaltic pump filling. The machine finishes the cap-placing and cap-screwing with bottles in fixed position in the disc. The structure of the machine is compact and rational, and it can easily coordinate with other equipment to form a production line. The metering pump and filling head contacting with liquid are made of SAE 316L stainless steel. Please equip the air storage tank (200-300L) with the machine by yourself so that the air pressure can be stable and the stability of the pneumatic components in the machine can be in the best working condition. The machine has been equipped with a protective cover consisting of PC board and 304 stainless steel frame.


Model C4DY-2
Production capacity 30 bottle/min(four-head filling)
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Air volume 13-15 m³/h
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Total Power 3kW
Dimensions 2400 * 1650 * 1700 mm
Weight 950Kg

Main Parts

1.conveyor belt
2.main rotary turntable
3.filling pump unit
4.filling head and bottle controlling cylinder
5.cap conveying and pressing mechanism
6.cap screwing mechanism
7.electrical operation pane


  • After the position of the machine is chosen, adjust the four screw rods of the machine to make the merge-joint surface of the machine level.
  • Understanding of and the familiarity with the structure, working principle, adjustment method and various electrical operating systems of the machine.
  • Check whether the lubrication state of each running part is good, whether the power supply is consistent, and whether the grounding wire is firmly connected to electricity in case of static electricity.
  • Bearings, gear transmission parts, rotating and running swing parts, reciprocating shafts, and lifting shafts are needed to be filled with N68 mechanical oil twice a day. Cams need to be greased once every half a month, and the engine oil of cam indexers and gearboxes need to be changed every year.
  • Check regularly and tighten the fasteners of each terminal. Regularly check whether the lead-out line of the distribution box is slack or not. Tighten the wire if it is slack in case of electric leakage due to mechanical friction Frequently check vulnerable parts, find damage, and replace them in time.

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