Automatische Tropfflaschen-Abfüll- und Verschließmaschine CHS-50

Die Maschine führt automatisches Befüllen, automatisches Verschließen und automatisches Schraubverschließen durch. Es ist mit einer SPS-Steuerung ausgestattet, die Funktionen wie „Keine Flasche, kein Befüllen“ und „Kein Deckel, kein Verschließen“ sowie kontinuierliches Anhalten und Aussortieren fehlerhafter Produkte aufgrund fehlender Deckel ermöglicht.

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High-Speed Capping Machine PBX-160 is used to screw bottle caps. Here is the working procedure. It clamps and conveys the bodies of containers by two synchronous belts; meanwhile, the three groups of high-elastic wearable rubber wheels screw the caps together. It is designed in strict accordance with pharmaceutical GMP standards and technological requirements. You just need to adjust the distance between the two synchronous belts and the distance between the four groups of rubber wheels to fit all different round, rectangular and even most irregular bottles and containers without changing spare parts.


Model PBX-160
Max.capacity Max.160 Bottles/Min
Size of cap Dia. 19~65 mm
Size of bottle 15~250 ml
Voltage AC220V, 50Hz, single phase
Power 2500 W
Overall dimension 2600 *1100*2000 mm
Weight 580kg (with conveyor)



  • After daily use, wipe off the dust of the entire machine.

  • Scrub surfaces which will touch the product with absolute alcohol.

  • Basic requirements: clean, neat, well-lubricated, safe

  • Basic contents: daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection, accuracy inspection 

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