100-500 Liter WLDH-Pulvermischer-Bandmischer

Bandmischer bestehen aus einem U-förmigen horizontalen Trog, Übertragungsteilen und Bandrührblättern, die normalerweise aus zwei oder drei Schichten bestehen, wobei die Außenschraube das Material von der Seite zur Mitte sammelt und die Innenschraube das Material von der Mitte zu den Seiten überträgt, um eine Konvektionsmischung zu bilden Speziell gefertigter Bandrührer.

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Used in pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemical, biological, breeding industry, ceramics, refractory material, plastic, compound ferilizer, such as solid - solid (powder and powder) solid - plasma (i.e., powder and rubber slurry) mix,specifically adapted to viscous material mix.

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Ribbon Blenders consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough, transmission parts and ribbon agitating blades which usually have double or triple layers with outside screw gathering the material from sides to center and inside screw transmitting the material from center to sides to form convection mix and a specially fabricated ribbon agitator.
The outer ribbon moves materials in one direction and the inner ribbon moves the materials in the opposite direction. The ribbons rotate at approx. 300 fpm moves materials both radially and laterally to insure thorough blends in short cycle times.
Ribbon blenders are commonly used in nutraceutical, chemical, food and related industries. It is excellent for mixing both wet and dry products.

WLDH- Horizontal Spiral Ribbon Mixer Structure And Features :

by the u-shaped containers, ribbon mixing blades and transmission parts; U ChangTi cyinder structure, ensure the be mixed materials (powder, semiliquid) in the cylinder body of the small resistance movement. Positive and negative rotation ribbon is installed on the same horizontal axis, forming a low power efficient mixed environment , spiral strip blades made of double layer or three layer, the outer spiral material from two side to the central pool, on both sides of the inner spiral material from the central to transport, can make the material more vortices in the flow. Accelerate the mixing speed, improve mixing uniformity.

Discharging mode:

big open structure, using pneumatic materials has the advantages of fastdischarging, no residual; Adopt high fineness of materials or semiliquid materialusing manual buterly valve or pneumatic buterly valve. Configurable heating orcoling jacket, Heating mode has electric heating and heat conduction oil heatingin two ways. Cooling process can be directly to infuse water jacket and clip hotswap area is large, the cooling speed. Small type mixer adopts reducer directmode, simple structure, high operating rlialily. maintenance is convenient. Largenumber mixer adopts pulley drive the cycloid speed reducer drive, belt transmis-sion of elastic connection has the advantage of the overload protection whendriving part.

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Model Total Volume(L)Load Coefficient Power(KW)Dimensions(mm)Weight (kg)
WLDH-100 100 0.4-0.8 3 1190x740x770 330
WLDH-300 300 0.4-0.8 4 2030x630x980 720
WLDH-500 500 0.4-0.8 7.5 2320x730x1130 980
WLDH-1000 1000 0.4-0.8 11 2800x920x1320 1700
WLDH-1500 1500 0.4-0.8 11 3180x1020x1550 1800
WLDH-2000 2000 0.4-0.8 15 3310x1120x1640 2100
WLDH-3000 3000 0.4-0.8 18.5 3750x12290x1820 3000
WLDH-4000 4000 0.4-0.8 22 4220x1400x1990 3980
WLDH-5000 5000 0.4-0.8 22 4220x1500x2100 4620
WLDH-6000 6000 0.4-0.8 30 4700x1610x2260 6180
WLDH-8000 8000 0.4-0.8 37 4420x2150x2470 8200
WLDH-10000 10000 0.4-0.8 45 5520x2960x2720 8920


  • The machine is fully integrated and flexible.
  • The stainless steel vessel is non- corrosive and allows dense liquids to turn freely and mix thoroughly without fading.
  • Materials are poured manually.
  • Operator- friendly.


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