Kapselzuführmaschine SE-40

Die Kapsellademaschine der SE-Serie ist eine Ladeeinrichtung, die speziell für den Transport von Hohlkapseln zur passenden Füllmaschine entwickelt wurde. Sie ist für alle Arten von Hohlkapseln geeignet.

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The bottle unscrambler machine adopts a mechatronic integrated design, which is easy to operate, simple to maintain, reliable in operation, and widely applicable. The machine is equipped with bottle output quantitative control detection and overload protection devices. The body and material barrel are made of high-quality stainless steel materials, with a beautiful appearance and in compliance with GMP standards.


  • Reliable Operation: Smooth operation with low noise.
  • Dust Resistance: Utilizes a unique dust-resistant photoelectric sensor.
  • Functional Compatibility: Automatic detection and shutdown for bottle absence or blockage through photoelectric sensors.
  • Simple Operation: Various operating parameters can be set as needed.
  • Easy Maintenance: Operators can operate with simple training; disassembly, cleaning, and component replacement are simple and tool-free.
  • Sealed and Dustproof: Equipped with an Plexiglas cover to reduce dust pollution.


Model CED-60LP
Applicable Material Range Plastic round bottles
Applicable Material Size To be determined based on actual equipment modifications
Production Speed 30-100 bottles/minute (Dependent on material variety, size, bottle specifications, and filling volume)
Power Supply and Power AC220V 50HZ 0.25KW (To be determined based on actual equipment modifications)
Weight 230KG
Dimensions 900×1000×950mm

Safety Maintenance

(1) This machine is equipped with a safety protection intelligent device, which stops running when there is an error or failure. The display screen prompts relevant information.
(2) Special reminder:
A. When adjusting each moving part, the main power and air source must be cut off to avoid accidents.
B. In case of accidents during machine operation, press the "emergency stop" button (red button on the front side of the chassis) to cut off the power supply of the whole machine.
C. When maintaining and repairing equipment, the main power supply must be turned off first.

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